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Security Tips for Open Campus Schools

Many high schools throughout the United States have adopted an open campus policy. This means that students are allowed to leave the campus during their lunch or free periods. There are many benefits, and drawbacks to this kind of policy, and these...Read More

Reasons Schools Should Have Security and Access Control Systems in Place

While many of us wish that the teachers in our Sterling, VA school system can focus on teaching and the kids can focus on learning, that just isn't the case in today's world. It is more important than ever for schools to concentrate on the security...Read More

Security Systems Reduce Bullying

The American way in Sterling, VA has always been about people playing to their strengths. Unfortunately, in some cases, without proper parental guidance, some children play to their strengths by exploiting their comparative strength and using it to...Read More

Security In An Active Shooter Environment

The raw statistics don’t lie.  According to the FBI, the United States saw one active shooter incident in the year 2000 but 30 incidents in the year 2017.  Related fatalities are going up, too, from 231 in the years 2014 and 2015 to...Read More

The Challenges Of Campus Security

When a campus has their annual security assessment or audient, the chances are high that they’re like to find some sort of vulnerabilities. Campuses, whether in Sterling, VA or elsewhere in the country, are simply complex to completely secure....Read More

Integrated Visitor Management Means Safer Schools

While we all hope that schools in Sterling, VA are places where children can get a good education and start discovering who they are, the sad reality is that sometimes, American schools aren’t safe. As the #1 country in the world for school...Read More

Daycare Security Is A Smart Investment

If you run a daycare or other childcare facility in Sterling, VA, you are probably already aware of the heavy responsibility you bear. Children are, in one sense, one of the most important investments that any human being can make, and to be...Read More

Creating A Secure Sunday School Environment

Sunday school is an environment for enrichment, not endangerment. A safe and secure place is a must for Sunday school, making a security system an important investment for any school building. It’s the task of staff to ensure student safety,...Read More

School Security Systems: Privacy or Security More Important?

Surveillance cameras in Sterling, VA have become a necessity in the public domain as it helps track down criminals and provide a deterrence to criminal activities. Surveillance cameras have a proven track record of reducing the crime rate to a...Read More

Educational Facilities Video Security - Privacy vs. Security

School administrators in Sterling, VA are having a hard time monitoring their premises. As the direct responsibility of a child's safety falls on the school, a number of schools are installing cutting edge security cameras within their school...Read More

6 Ways to Improve School Security and Safety

In the current era, many Sterling, VA schools find it challenging to keep the structures secure and also the safety of their students. This issue of school security has been giving school administrators across the nation sleep nights trying to...Read More

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